Chairs and Bleachers for Davis Cup Tennis

Mike Brown Grandstands' stair systems are designed to provide code compliant access to bleachers and platforms. They are also commonly utilized as temporary public access-ways to perminant structures in areas that are either under construction or are being remodeled

The stais are of a modular nature, allowing them to be adapted for use to a wide range of heights. The standard cofiguration provides a 7" rise, and a 12" run. Typicaly the stairs are 5'-0" wide (from center of rail to center of rail).

Stair treads are supported by a modular, fabricated steel structure. Depending upon the application, the treads themselves are available in wood, extruded aluminum plank, or pressed steel.

Stairs to rear of bleacher.
Stair to a VIP Platform
stair with steel treads
Inverted Stair at StubHub Center for CrossFit Games

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